Multimonitor setup/coordinate systems

I’m building a vvvv patch that has to span quite a few displays (think 8-12) and I have a system that currently renders in the v4 coordinate system of -1 to 1. What I would like to do is change this such that my simulation actually spans the coordinate system of -8 to 8 (or -12 to 12 in the case of 12 displays) and each render window renders the appropriate content from each of those sections of the display. I was thinking I could do this with translate nodes for each of the renderers, along with aspect ratio nodes with the resolutions of each renderer but somehow things just don’t seem to be matching up right such that each display is contiguous with the one next to it.

Curious if anyone has any tips on how to do this or a sample patch that shows the preferred setup for such a system. Seems like a common use case for vvvv (with boygrouping in particular) so I am surprised I haven’t found a girlpower patch or one on these forums yet that does what I am looking for.

Added bonus would be able to have a giant render window that shows the entire scene for debugging too!


Pretty much figured it out. Just had to mess with the multiscreen node a bunch more. Here is the patch I came up with (for 4 render windows) in case this helps anyone else.

MultiScreenTest.v4p (21.8 kB)

Thanks Joel, you just saved me an evening’s work. :)