Multimeter & vvvv

tach everybody,

i´ve got an multimeter (voltcraft vc820) connected to my serial port , and i want to get the data into v4.

i used a rs232 node, which works fine, but the problem is (outlined here):
the data is encoded in hex, so i need to covert it to numerical values and strip the unneeded data (betriebsmodus, etc)…

but i´ve got no idea how to do the “umrechnung” in v4…

maybe one of you elektrotechnik-wizards can give me a hint?


i think Radix (Value) is your choice, input base 16 ouput base 10. check the right amount of inputs …

according to the docs, the voltcraft vc820 has one of the most bizarre serial commends i have ever encountered, as it basically just transmits the status of the individual segments of the display. while vvvv sports a SevenSegmentSpread which allows to convert text to seven segment data, we somehow missed the ReverseSevenSegmentSpread who does the reverse… but Tokenizer, Mod and /, Radix, and lots of GetSlices should do the trick easily.

ps…fleg already decided to try to get a different multimeter anyway

thanks to sebastian´s telephone support i realized that problems like this are not exactly my kernkompetenz.

i exchanged the conrad multimeter with some noname chinese model, which was undocumented, too, but didn´t send the data in such a bizarre way.
by using a serial port monitor & the mm software i was able to figure it out.

works like a charm now.

gruss, florian

years later:

module for VC920 (should work with similar devices) here: kalle-Modules-Devices