Multiline text with bold and multicolor

Hi everyone,
i would like to create a simple multiline text (source from text file or vvvv that’s not important) where some letters are in bold and some other are colored. See the attached screenshot to get an idea of what i am talking about.

Does anyone have any hint on how to achieve this?
Thank you very much

HTMLTexture and some css will do.

Ok, thanks for the quick reply, but what if i have some content behind the text?
How should i manage transparency? I did some tests but i never came out with the correct solution, from the attached screenshot you can see the default behaviour and the one with blend node attached to render state pin.
In the first case the text on top of the green quad (on vvvv) becomes grainy, instead in the other case it overlays with the quad.
Should i try more with the blending modes or am i missing something else?

indeed the destination blend mode wasn’t set properly in the help patch of the html texture node - should be InvSrcAlpha.

see attached patch.

html-texture-transparency.v4p (7.8 kB)

Thanks for your help Elias but comparing a text created inside vvvv and the one coming from the html texture there is still much difference in the output quality.
I have added in your patch a text for quick comparison and i see big difference between the 2.
Hope you guys can help me again, thanks!

html-texture-transparency_1.v4p (9.5 kB)

In your example you’re using a font size of 6 for the html text, increase that and scale it to wanted size and you’ll get better quality.

You have html renderer resolution, font size, and scale transform to play with to get desired results.

I tried on another computer and infact it works as expected. I share both screenshots, as you can see in one computer the htmltexture text looks perfect while in the other one i have a crappy black outline.

Any hint on why this is happening?
running 45b29 on win7 64bit nvidia gtx680

Thank you

both texts in your 1st screenshot don’t look right - that the gtx680 machine?

sorry my fault, on the first screenshot i saved it as jpg and the image quality dropped, i have now updated the image with a new one, as you can see the only noticable difference is the black outline on the htmltexture text.

well strange - as if the machine on your 1st screenshot wouldn’t support the specified blending mode properly. that a graphics driver issue?