Multicast video

How does one wrap directshow filters so they can be used with vvvv? I built filter in the DX9 SDK extras which adds MPEG-2 Multicast Sender and Receiver filters and can use it with graphedit. My goal is to use VLC on a remote workstation to multicast video from a camera and render it on a quad in vvvv.

Has anyone tried this before?


halo rsyn.

you cannot use an arbitrary directshowfilter automatically within vvvv. for now. but i received your mail and will give it a try for the next release. which i cannot yet promise a date for.

Ok. I understand the vvvv a little better now. You need to attach to a MPEG-2 demultiplexer in graphedit to get the audio and video streams out so this might not easily fit into what you are doing.

I guess I need to try and implement this with freeframe.

mm…most of the directshow-graphbuilding is hidden from the vvvv-user because it is not interesting. i guess thats the same with the mpeg-2 demultiplexer. it will be automatically be inserted into the graph once you connect something to…
i have not yet tried it though…

for freeframe there is already a streaming sollution: