MultiCam PSEye - Logitech C920/C930e for non-precise (non stitched) activity tracking


wanted to ask if there is a way to use multiple USB cameras for tracking activity in different parts of a room. Not a connected/stitched tracking, more of checking person/objects/movement etc on differnent spots.

ive done a project where i used CCV Mutlicam and 6 PSEye Cameras for Room Tracking for an AV Installation.
( Version 1.5.0 (Windows - Multicam Official) CCV-1.5.exe )

I used the OSC Input to visualize things in VVVV - filter tracking Data etc.
For the 6 Cameras i used these drivers:
The Forum is dead but you are still able to purchase the Drivers.

Im asking because ive had several issues with PSeye Cameras but have seen them on sale:

Main Problem was that the PS3 Cameras will only be found after reboot once you disconnect/connect the usb cable. Missing cameras would reset the CCV cfg. Something like that…

Does anyone have experience using multiple simple USB Cameras or even PS3 Cameras for non-precise tracking?

Maybe using multiple Logitech C920’s - would this work for tracking directly in vvvv with the image pack - open CV?

Topic not 100% just vvvv related but its been ages since ive done the project and wanted to check if theres a better way.

Hi gegenlich,

I have use ps3 many times and still use them, mino developed a plugin for us sometime ago, i, ll tell him if he could share in contribs.

I have tested at least 4 cameras in a laptop but i think you can use more.


Hey colorsoud,

thx, plugin sounds great! I think it used to be a part of the image pack but only x86 - which would not be a problem.

Is this for the ClEye Driver? Ive had Problems with that driver - I needed to unplug, plug back in every Camera to be recognized by the Driver after a reboot. Do you have any experience with this problem?

I will try if it works on my pc i have to see if they work after reboot.

Hi genelicht

I could not reach mino for the official contribution page but meanwhile here its the plug , credits and big thanks to mino | vvvv , sponsored by

You need to activate the cameras in the cl-device manager for the plug to work.

as for the restart problem i have experienced that with the image pack and the workaround i did was using textureformat and change from one format to the desired one on startup, but with this plug i did not experience any problem yet.

btw i have tested the ps3 camera this week with lattepanda and it works so for small tracking or hotspot tracking is great. (18.3 KB)

Btw use 32 bits v4 version.

i’ll upload plugin to contribution after tested latest vvvv.


hey colorsound & mino

thx alot for the plugin! It seems to working fine i will test it next week with 6 Cameras and will let you know how it works :)

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