hello phil,

sending layers is not the way how boygrouping works, please read this page: boygrouping-basics

it’s all confusing though. When I read the info months ago about new features of boygrouping beta23 I though wow you can pass a layer. On testing I realised no you can’t.

I’ve never tried the multiboygroupin with the R S techniques and to be honest don’t understand it whatsoever, but I’m sure I will when I finally get a bit of time to do some testing.

hi , correct me if i,m wrong , as i see some confusion this is how i understand multiple boygroup servers.

An Scenario where you have diferent controls to manage a complex system where every server can affect the features of the system and other control points .

I think a good example was the System that woei made at node10 in the performing arts workshop where every user could for example affect the same light or trigger certain sounds from same bank.

hope it helps and not mess ;D