Multi Videos Jerked

Hello everybody,

Can you explain to me what are the differences between these two graphs.

In the first case, videos are fluids and toggle Play in each filestream doesn’t cause any display problem.

In the second case, second video jerk when I toggle Play in the first Filestream Node.


in those two graphs the vmr9 works differently:

  • when using VideoOut it runs in “windowed mode”. the video image is displayed from within the directshow thread and is not interfered at all by vvvv
  • when using a VideoTexture it runs in “renderless mode”. the video image is then copied from the directshow thread to the vvvv thread and then displayed within vvvvs mainloop. gui-interactions (like clicking an iobox) always cause a jitter in the mainloop. that maybe the reaseon for the jerk you see with the second patch.

if that is true you should not see a jerk when you trigger the iobox from another node (e.g. Blinker).

when I trigger the iobox by the network (netsend - netreceive - iobox) there’s some jerk. It shouldn’t? I’ll try with Blinker…


Same problem with Blinker…

the jerk happens only when I toggle Play On.


mm…thats odd. now i could only suggest to try another codec. those mjpeg ones seem to be the good ones…

i am testing PicVideo Mjpeg codec.
i have the choice to encode with 2 color formats : yuv and rgb24.
what is the better for vvvv and “jerk” ?

as mentioned elsewhere before i’d always go for the yuv format as long as you don’t have any FreeFrameFilters in the chain that require rgb24 format and would then cause an internal conversion from yuv to rgb24 anyway.

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