Multi screen issue

Hi There, i have another question, it´s about the multiscreen node.
I´m using a matrox triple head 2 go to merge 3 proyector, whe i full screen my multiscreen renderer it only fits on one proyector, deforming my image and the other two prjectors get in black.

Hope you can help. please.

hey you might want to use the so called span-mode for your graphics card settings, if your system shows one screen per projector. This mode handles your three screens as it would be one.

faq multiscreen

the faq is outdated, you can use span mode in w7 by simply going in nvida control pannel and setting it up. There it is called Mosaic-Mode

You can also download configureMosaic.exe and use the following commandline parameters to activate it:

> cd c:\Path\
> configureMosaic.exe set rows=1 cols=3 overlap=0,0 res=1920,1080,60

This might be handy if you want vvvv or a startup script to set up the span mode.

did this solve your problem?

its no for Geforce, isnt?

i think Sabme is refering to what i was miniDP to TH2go DP edition, Windows 7 64x on PC the other day

I’m facing the exact same problem.
It’s 3 times 1280x800 on a Triplehead2Go and the desktop runs fine in 3840x800. But when switching the renderer to full screen it distorts to only one output and the others stay black.
Setting the renderers resolution to 3840x1024 works but doesn’t fit the native resolution of course.
Graphics card is a Radeon HD 7850M.

I have had the same problem with tripleheads and have discovered that removing the matrox GXM software helps.

if you for some reason don’t want to remove the GXM control panel, then you can switch to a lower resolution and then back to the desired triplehead resolution to get the one you want.

This was in 2009 but I think it still applies.
Though I’d rather completely uninstall the powerdesk stuff like sune suggested.

PS: Typing fullscreen and matrox into the search box isn’t that hard.