Multi random-video player?

Dear All,

since last few days, I’m trying to make video player which can choose video files randomly, and show them on several “Quad”.
Then I faced some problems as below. If you have any ideas to solve them, I’m happy.

1.“FileStream(VLC)” is suitable for m2v file, which is separated video file and sound file. but if i use “dir” to choose folder contains both m2v/ac3, “getslice” select just sound or just video. and of course, if i get rid of all ac3 file, it doesn’t play sound file. do you have any solution of this sound separation problem?

(i can also use mp4 but, m2v is lighter and smooth to play with using lower CPU running.) attached sample node,video source is changed with a prompt by “LFO”(5sec as now).
But can i change video source one after another, when the former video is played until the end of duration, then next one comes??
Do you think it’s possible?

Thank you in advance.

takiscope (2.4 kB)