Multi-language forum

I come from a long lasting and happy experience in the MIDIBox forum (, there we have specific forums for people who can t express themselves properly in English… why don t you dedicate a section to non English speaking people, so that who can handle both English and another language can either help out or act as a “bridge” between that section and the rest of the forum.
Just an idea.

ah, so you are cimo at midibox? hi, then :-)

hola io, will not host a dedicated other-language forum than english. but of course everybody is free to start their own, as the frensh did:

also everybody can ask questions in any language in this forum and hope someone else can understand…

some years ago i was about to build a spanish forum , the idea is still there so maybe this year ;D i,ll pass the link in here if so .

много странных и непредсказуемых проблем связано с мультиязычным форумом. этот хорош
multilanguage may cause a lot of various problems. this forum is good enough)