Multi-color tracker

Is there a way to track multiple colors at the same time using the colortracker? Also, is there a way to make the image copy and paste itself when it tracks the color…so the image is sort of making a stroke? If that makes any sense at all!

yes and yes.

Spreads are the key.

did you have a look at the colortrackers helppatch? it shows you how to track multiple colors.

i don’t understand the strokething.

I already looked at the colortrackers helppatch…no help. I read up on spreads because I am still very new to this program. I am understanding what a spread does, but what spread do I use and where. I have been fiddling with it for hours and nothing is working. Please help!! Thanks

huh… it is hard to help where the question is not specific. the colortrackerhelppatch exactly demonstrates tracking of 4 different colored objects in one image. which part of it do you not understand?

does the helppatch work for you at all? when you enable tracking (rightclick the ‘Tracking on/off’ button once) you should see three colored circles going up and down and being enclosed by rectangles. right?

Well, first, I have a different color tracker then that helppatch. Also, I am looking to track multi colors at the same TIME as well as the same image. The color tracker in the helppatch that you are talking about does not seem to do everything I need it to do. It will not show a image on top of the color being tracked. I was checking out spreads, but I am not sure how any of them work and what nodes to connect them to.

perhaps it is to simple to understand immediately. but it is as simple as:

put multiple colors in - get multiple positions out

thats the power of spreads