Multi channel audio

I never tried that out and next week I ll put my hands down on a hdmi enabled amplifier. Would that work to send 5.1 audio from vvvv to the hdmi output? Has anybody had any experience with that?

Hi Simone,

I’ve had a similar setup in a recent installation. It does work (runs since approx. 8 weeks), but I would try to avoid it and use a fitting sound card + speaker setup when possible.

A couple issues that came up:
• As HDMI devices are reinitialized on boot, Windows would occasionally initialize the AV receiver under a different name/ID. Thus not detecting the HDMI as its default playback device and needing to be manually set as default 5.1 configuration.
• Two Pioneer receivers failed after running for roughly 7 days, scrambling/muting audio channels.
• In terms of resolution, many of those AV receivers only support 16:9 standards (1080p or 4k). Our projectors are running 1920x1200 which did not work on several receivers.


thank you for the “input”… ;) for the moment I am only interested in the audio part but from what you say, I understand that when I connect to the hdmi input of the amplifier Windows will recognize that as an extra screen even if I won t use it.