Multi channel audio and filestream

Hi All

I have a feature request.

I am about to make an installation with multiple screens where a little video with audio that will play on each screen.

Each screen will have it’s own little speaker and the computer has a multi channel audio interface, a standard surround sound one.

I would like to play each videos audio on the corresponding speaker, that is not very easy, for two channels it could be done with FileStream and AudioOut using pan, but since I have five screens I need to be able to select which output on the soundcard I want to use.

I can do that on the WavePlayer, but that cannot play video, so my current workaround is to split audio from video and slave five FileStreams to the WavePlayer. Which can work, but is kind of annoying and adding new video is not very elegant and I would like not to have the content needing to be produced in really strange surround sound but just plain mono.

A more elegant solution would be to have an AudioOut with routing possibilities like the WavePlayer or alternatively have the routing settable in the FileStream node.

Any suggestions or if I missed something… please let me know. otherwise, this is a feature request.


Does anyone have any comments on this?

Unfortunately, as far as i know, there is no support for mutlichannel soundcards in VVV, so it would be better to combine it with PD (pure data) or MAX/MSP.

But you may check these post and doc as well :

audio output

Hey Sunep,

I don’t have my audio stuff installed on this computer so I can’t check, but I think might be helpful?

AS I understand it it’s not that vvvv can’t do multichannel, but that it uses wdm and not asio, which is what most decent cards will want. Link is free asio wdm bridge thingy.

Well, the FileStream (Bass) can not play video and besides I would also need to factor in the license fee for Bass Asio.

I read somewhere that the next version of the VLC plugin might have Bass out for more flexible routing, and then there is the whole pdlib thing that Apparently is being worked on, but I am not familiar with the progress.

both solutions would fix the problem.