i would like to realize a multiprojektion with four or more projectors and

  1. how many pc`s i need

  2. whitch is the best graphiccard

  3. i´m right, what i must connected the pc`s with boygroup and use the multiprojection node

    1. how many pc`s i need
      that really depends on how complex your content is. for most cases 1 pc with 2 dualhead-graphiccards should do to achieve 4 projections.

as soon as more pcs need to be involved you can either care about communication between machines yourself or use vvvvs builtin Boygrouping for client-server communication. here you can choose to make one of your clients also the server, or use a separate pc as your server (again depending on workload).

    1. whitch is the best graphiccard
      as a rule of thumb: the biggest that fits into your wallet.
      but “best” again depends on what you want to do with it. how complex is your content? more video? more 3d?
    1. i´m right, what i must connected the pc`s with boygroup and use the multiprojection node
      both is optional. as stated above you can use boygrouping for convenience, but you don’t have to. also the MultiScreen module greatly simplifies multiscreen-softedged setups but it is not mandatory.

thanks for support

i had try it with two nvidia6600GT(dualhead) and
a simply 2D patch with 3 softedges(multiscreen node).

it didn`t works

i could only generate two big screens(2x2560x1024), one for each dualcard.
but it was not possible for me to combine this two big screens to one.

if i start the patch, and pulling the render window about the 2 big screens
the render generate only a image of one big screen. the secound half is grey.

i had try it with four individual screens, but i dont know how i can generate a softedge for the left or right side of the screen

what is a better solution?

You should be able to set all of the screens into span mode. If you have one single long windows task bar going through all of the screens, then your GPUs will be treated as one logical device, and only then will you be able to span a single renderer to fill them all. If you can’t you can still create multiple renderers, one for each GPU. But this has a few drawbacks in terms of bandwidth and CPU requirements.

ok, thats the problem.

I´m not able to set all screen into spanmode

  1. witch is the better suitable card.


  1. If i create multiple renders, how i can create the softedge beetween the two GPU`s.