Mre.mdmod.2 pointshadow

this scene is using one pointlight but is getting multiple shadowprojections. can this be adjusted ?
(attachment needs the mre.mdmod.2 pack)

PointShadows.v4p (64.7 kB)

if you want sharp shadows just set the sample count to 1

no, i mean, in the picture above, i should get one shadow from one source.
instead, i get different shadows on every face of the cube, with one lightsource.

oh ok i can see your problem now, yeah i experienced it a lot of times too, and currently shadows are tricky in mre.mdmod2. if you can try the newest version from github maybe that would fix some problems (there was a huge fix with position, normal reconstruction) (master branch, the featureflags branch will be a massive improvement on the engine but it’s not working yet)
also i’m planning a completely new and hopefully nicer / faster shadowing system, but that comes later.