MQTTClient datatype not available

hi all,

I switched VL.IO.M2MQTT from 0.1.x to 0.2.4alpha. MQTTClient is connected to Publisher through the datatype “MQTTClient”. But I am unable to type pads with the same datatype. It seems to be not available.


please share a patch that shows this.

HowTo Publish and Receive Messages to and from a Broker.vl (11.5 KB)

Ok, so the reason for this is because the MQTTClient type is defined as “internal”. Can you elaborate as to why you’d need to annotate a pad like that?

I provide the mqtt client through my context datatype project-wide for other publisher nodes to use. If I untype the pad within my context and set “allow generic” I get an exception.

Error (2).zip (8.6 KB)

Only way for me to get it working was typing the pad with MQTTClient

Please test again with latest 0.3.1-alpha release of the pack.
beware there are some additional breaking changes:

  • Publishers are now operations of the MQTTClient type (ie no longer process nodes)
  • Receivers are now split into StringReceiver and Receiver (the latter of which operates on bytes)