Mp3 to Trigger Transformation

Hallo i,m new to VVVV
and my Englisch isn,t good.

i want to know, how i can trigger transformation from a mp3 signal from my PC.
i mean i have a song and i want that the song will triger the animation?

is that possible and when , how?

thanks for your help!

Hi Clemes

1- you want a specific mp3 recording to trigger a specific event in vvvv


2- you want vvvv to analyze the sound from an mp3 track and use that data to move things around


hey clemens,

have a look at the fft-(dshow9) node and/or audioanalysis-(dshow9) help patches…

thank you…

“1- you want a specific mp3 recording to trigger a specific event in vvvv”

yes! that is what i want!

Then how will you play the mp3 file?

1- inside vvvv

2- outside vvvv

3- outside the computer where vvvv is hosted

the mp3 file can be played in vvvv or in a player like vlc or somewhat!

i have a node that plays the mp3 in vvvv ,i thing it was “audio in” or somewhat…not sure. but i want the amplitude or the bass of a song to trigger the transformation? i mean i want to make a musik animation to a song that i have? in after effects i make some audiowave analyse and than i can animate?


Then what m4d says…

okay…i try it!! thanks.a lot…very friendly!

the audioanalysis-(dshow9) is red ,what means this?

and on the fft node i dont find something to input my song…??

in my phantasy i thought its like the filetexture note where i can put the song (mp3) instead of an image or avi oor mpeg? this isnt possible,or?

here… no text …

test-audio.v4p (10.5 kB)

Thanx io!

this is so nice from you!!.really really ,thnak you!!