Moving objects with kinect hands

Hi guys,
i’m making a kinect installation that lets users move letters around on the screen using their hands.

I’ve got it working with one hand, but can’t figure out how to add the 2nd hand into it. At the moment i’ve just duplicated the position detection process for the 2nd hand and have it setting a slice in the position spread when it moves a letter, but then after it lets go of the letter, it reverts back to its previous position.
Can someone please give me some hints on how to keep that new position of the letter?

And more in general:
The letters are supposed to be ‘picked up’ or grabbed by the hand, if the hand pauses on the letter’s position. The letter is then let go or dropped when the hand pauses again after moving. This system works ok but isn’t very slick or smooth, and prone to errors, any suggestions on a better way to do it would be very welcome too!

Attached is the patch, sorry it’s a bit of a mess, but hopefully should be fairly self explanatory! Thanks very much for any help!

fridgemagnet (28.1 kB)

Hi fatalex…I relly like your project…I’m doing something similar and I wanted to see your patch to get a look on how you approach the project but I’m missing two nodes…“softshadows and zbuffer”

do you know or anyone else now how to make it work on my computer?


Hello vasilis,

You are missing softshadow.fx & Zbuffer.fx (24.0 kB)

Hi Vasilis, yes as Urbankind has said you just need the softshadows plugin/effects.

I should have deleted all that stuff really before uploading, its just there to make the end result look a bit more pretty, but doesn’t affect the functionality of the hand tracking/object positions…

Anyone else got any tips on how I can get my 2nd hand working?