Moving a spread along nurbs spline

hi guys, i was wondering how i could move something along the nurbs spline from the girlpower folder so i get a nice stream of things along the nurbs spline. while it works fine with a linear spread connected to a b-spline and then changing the phase of the spline to “move” the spread i wonder if there is a different way to move things along the nurbs from the girlpower folder (see under curves)…

any good ideas or a basic concept how to move things from one point to another with a smooth curve?


there are several filters to smooth value jumps. LinearFilter, Damper, DeNiro …
see the patch how to interpolate between random points:

PointInterpolation.v4p (12.1 kB)

thanks tf, this was already helpful but i still cannot figure out how to move something along the nurbs curve…because i need things to move along an exact curve…

got an idea?
thanks again

just replace the random points in the patch by points which lay on your curve:

NurbsInterpolation.v4p (25.3 kB)

hi mizi!

i attached a module: nurbs (value)

it just works like the B-Spline node.
the general idea is that you have to put in ( “Input”-pin) the sample position explicitely.

So, if you put in a linear spread, this means that you sample the curve from the beginning to the end at linear distributed samples. -> you get the whole curve

if you sample just at one position of the curve and animate this sample position in time you will get a point moving on the curve.

try this with more than one dimension !!

sepp (3.2 kB)