Moving a quad with a click

hi everyone,
i draw a quad in the middle of a renderer(EX9), scale it with transform(2D).
i want to left click inside the renderer window and the quad will move to that
Any suggestions?

Something like this?

move quad.v4p (7.7 kB)

hi guest. you will surely prefer something like this ( ft why a togedge ?)

moving quad.v4p (9.3 kB)


most UI elements work like that (only react on mouse up). Your version is perfectly legitimate (allows to drag), but if you only want to respond when the mouse has been clicked (mouse button released)…

i want to be able to watch the quad move between the two positions, so
i will go with karistouf. very helpful. not sure what the IOboxes are there for and i can’t see the cursor in the renderer window. anyway.
but i was thinking that the quad will move with a constant speed (no damping)

hi ft. interresting way to think;-)…
about damping: it depends of your moves with hand… i think has IIR wich is a usefull node without damping to give “perfect” trajectories