Mover[IO] not working with some folders

For unknown reasons the Mover[IO] node stopped working for me. It shows In Progress and Success, but doesn’t actually move the folder!?

This is in vvvv gamma 5.3 on Windows 11.


This used to work fine when I last tested it probably 6 months ago.

Any ideas what could be at fault here?

I noticed that the folders we are trying to move (and which we are also creating in vvvv) show that they are partly read-only and it says it only refers to the files inside, but there is actually no file that is read-only inside the folder. I am attaching one of the folders.

If I use GetAttributes on one of the source folders it also shows true on Is System, although I am not sure why it would do that, since it is a folder we created and is not located inside a system folder. All we do is edit the folder icon and add a desktop.ini file inside the folder.


But I am still curious why Mover would show Success if it has not actually moved the folder. I assume the success pin doesn’t actually check if it worked, but only if there was otherwise no error message.

move-folder-bug.vl (10.2 KB) (2.2 MB)

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Also weird:

If I just try to copy the folder and actually check if the folder exists, the copy node says that one of the files already exists, even though I only trigger it with a bang and it would only trigger the copy if the folder doesn’t exist yet.

So how can it lead to an error? Is it trying to copy a file multiple times?

move-folder-bug.vl (16.7 KB)