Movement sensor

I have this path and I need to have a motion sensor in it, so the visualization change everytime a person move past the sensor. rigth now I just need to know how to do it to the color of the tetrahedrons. then I think I can change it later on. Hopefully :)

tetrahedron new.rar (2.5 kB)

didn’t look into your patch but…

you can use a simple webcam as motion sensor.
see Webcam (Watchdog) within sites/default/files/user-files/ as an approach.

I do not really know how to put it into the patch…

Hi Laila

one example of how to use the camera as a motion sensor. see attached patch


BAsicmotionDetection.v4p (8.8 kB)

Hu Sunep.
it looks cool… I just can’t find out how to put it into my patch… it gets wierd when I try… and it does not really change. the tetrahedrons just makes a line after it, so it in the end just it all colored.

in your patch it is a bit difficult to see what part of the patch you want to change.

could you make a comment in the patch describing what kind of change you want to happen and where.

to make a comment just double click like you want to make a new node and begin typing your comment, end the comment by hitting the key


dear laila,

looking at your patch:
like sune i also have slight problems to understand what you want to achieve.
and i assume that you have a similar problem :)

i recommend:
*try to clean up a little bit
*add comments ; not for us but for YOURSELF, for your own understanding.
*use IOBoxes ‘between’ the nodes to visualize what’s happening there.

and don’t be shy to ask more questions:
everybody around here has been a beginner once! (6.3 kB)

well… I need to have the color and the speed to change everytime someone walks in front of the sensor. It might be a bit abstract, but thats all I got.

I have tried to look at the webcam thing, but I cannot make it work on the tetrahedrons. Maybe I just done i wrong… :)

it works very well…
how would you suggest to identify the regions that are moving?
this is my next step in order to respond to movement with light

hi juanoferrari,

this is a very simple motion detection approach. if you look at the help patch of the Trautner node it should help you further to identify regions with movement.

you can also use a Contour node behind a motion detection filter to get the positions of moving areas. also look at the help patch of the contour node (press F1 with the node selected).

thanks for your reply tonfilm,

my problem with Trautner and the freeframe library is that I need to make a 64 bit aplication and they only work in 32 bits. So that’s why I was interested in this solution that kalle proposed - webcam (watchdog) - because it gives me an array of 2304 values after the node FrameDifference that I imagine might be the differences for every pixel.
This array comes from the Pipet node, and there’s is no reference or help to understand what this node does. I understand that the 2304 are RGB values, so in the end you would be handling only 768 values. And also 768 comes from multiplying the 32 value array and the 24 value array. So I understand this 2 ioboxes are to set the pixel definition maybe?
But I’m guessing, so it might be something else… Also I would need to know how are this values seen on the screen ( where is pixel 0;0 and so on).
So if I somehow understand this data I can develop myself a patch to detect movement in every region of the webcam.
So all input is welcome.
best, J

why do you have to use the 64 bit vvvv version? is there any particular thing which is not available in the 32 bit build?