Movement of a volume visualisation

oh what a feeling. my first question here…

i just build a tiny volume visualisation that visualsizes me the equaliser on x and y axis. now i want do it in 3d… i just want to add a z axis for the time so that the particles last there like a comet tail… but how can i achieve that? with a queue function???

AudioIn3.v4p (6.8 kB)

in the deep, deep depth of this wiki i remember that @tonfilm once patched something all other users liked very well.
scroll down tonfilm-Patches until you reached the last entry. you may find inspriation there.

thanks… i will check it, but a little bit of fixing my v4p-file would also help ;)

Hi, check this…

It’s better to use lines to do this kind of stuffs…Or a grid, so please check the great music3D from tonfilm…

Hope it helps!

AudioIn4.v4p (19.7 kB)