Movement back and forth

this is surely an easy question but i am quite new to vvvv.

how can i make a back and forth animation ?
turning alpha value from 0 -> 1 and back to 0 in a loop
or move a quad to one side and back in a loop.

the lfo animation is always only in one way
and i don’t suceed in reversing it at the right moment

any help appreciated


WaveShaper (Value)

waveshaper will give you different shapes of lfo, triangle, sin etc, and map(value) will map the values to more useful ones…

map value (intervals) is also interresring to use

west’s plugin tweener will surely delight you !

thank you for the replies.

the WaveShaper(value) set to triangle seems to work best.
Map(interval) my work but I don’t really understand that one yet.
Teener is fun, but no linear back and forth



You don t want Map (Value Interval), you want Map (Value) or MapRange (Value) instead, it s pretty straight forward.

Map interval allows to set points in and points out to obtain not linear trajectories:

Inpoint. Outpoint
0. 0
0.2. 1
0.5. 0.8
0.7. 1

  1.             0

This is not of course forward and backward, but thiz maybe pretty nice when dealing with idea of trajectories

Another evoluated way is to use :
Lfo > maprange ( setting max at 6 ) > input morph
You edit input morph with inspektor : 6 inputs

You can now have a modulation in 6 precise steps of your trajectory

Sometimes InputMorph (Value) is usefull.
my 0,5 cents

p.s. if you want to quickly and simply animate values check out this contrib quick-animation-modules
the Fungen node exactly! saves some clicks ;)