Move-translate a mesh edited with

Hi community,
in my quest of trying to do a projection on a pair of boxes xd_nitro told me it is good use to “tweak” the 3d image to make it perfectly fit with the real 3d object by using the pointEditor to deform the mesh… so i opened the help file for the node mentioned and i more or less understood how it works.

Now here is my problem: I can modify the mesh of my 3d object but how can i translate/rotate it along the xyz axis?? in the image below if i put the transform node to the PhongDirectional the “original” box will be moved as i want (and it will still be deformed by the pointEditor node) but the points representing the mesh that i can modify via pointEditor will not move and they will remain in the origins of the axis! how can i move them together with the original box?

I have attached the test patch i’m working on…it’s a bit messy but i uploaded it just in case it could be of some help…

hope you can help me, thanks!

projector-mesh-test.v4p (23.6 kB)

don’t try and move this view of the teatop, you want it a 0,0,0 so you can move the camera around it nicely and really get in there and modify accurately. Just treat this renderer as your mesh edit window for this specific mesh.

To move a modified version around in world space just create another PhongDirectional, or any shader, and connect it up to another renderer. This other renderer could include other meshes and shaders to make up your scene.

Also, once you’ve completed your mesh edit use the Writer(Xfile) node to save a version of it and then get rid of pointEditor. All that vertex buffer stuff is quite a resource heavy.

thank you again nitro u’ve been helpful again! now i’m using 3 renderers
1 - is what the projector views
2 - a camera that i use to move around and see if everything is ok
3 - a temporary one to modify the meshes of the various objects

wow and that trick to save the mesh and delete the pointEditor is very nice thanks it makes my life easier and works great!

I have uploaded the updated file with the 3 renderers in case someone would need it…

3 Projectors mesh test (22.0 kB)