Move along path at set speed

Hi, does anyone know how to move an object along a path at a set speed.

i.e. the further the ball, the longer it takes to get there. , and vice-versa. (5.2 kB)

i once also needed a B-Spline with “arc length parameterization”. So i needed a spline where i can specify the distance from the beginning of the spline - measured along the curve.

i did this patch which made it closely to a module but not yet.
so have please a try.

it is thought to work like that:

  • put it ontop of your b-spline node and connect its output to the input of the b-spline.
  • use the same output room for arc length like the input room for the b-spline. use 0…1 for now.
  • use the same topology (open is tested and works)
  • use the same control points
  • use the same degree

what ArcLength does is:
you put in a position on the curve (arc length parameterized) and this module calculates back what position on the curve (related to “input room”) the original b-spline module needs to finally get to that position.

hope that works for you…

ArcLength.v4p (22.5 kB)

hey gregsn,

wondering if you used Differential (Spreads) instead of CDR (Spreads) minus CAR (Spreads) :
wouldn’t it do the same?

you are totally right kalle. you see why it is not a module yet?! ;)