Mouse wrap?

Anyone else ever noticed the mouse pointer “wrapping”? Take it too far left and it appears on the right, to far up and it appears on the bottom etc…
Adding node to read mouse x/y fixes it about 70% of the time but not always.
And only happens inside VVVV - switching to other applications behaviour returns to normal, as soon as im back in VVVV its wrapping again!

Sometimes wont like a particular screen at all, and will get “thrown” away as far as possible (visibly drift across screen). Eg screen 1 (used for large dx9 renderer & inspektor) will throw the mouse to opposite side of screen 2. Dragging cursor into screen 1 is like swimming upstream…

Anyone else?

ehm. basically, that’s a feature, not a bug. Meant to give you more scrolling power out of your mouse.
Check the cycle pin of the mouse (system global) node.

Perhaps you found a problem when using cyclic mouse in conjunctin with multiple screens? I can’t confirm that from here…

I get a similar occurance, it happens of dual view, and usually occurs when you change the value of a pin with the right click. All of a sudden the mouse fires off to the other screen, each time you try to get back to the screen you were working in it zips back to the other making it impossible to get into that window. I usually just save, quit and restart and everything is fine… I’ll have a look at that global mouse (system global) when it happens again…

Sorted on cyclic. Thanks max.

Si: Just happened to me and cyclic wasn’t set :( Ya, save and restart is i do to fix it.

Do you use a Camera (Transform Softimage) ?
I remember this module containing a mouse node set to something else than NoCycle.

I try to use Camera (… Softimage) as much as possible - seems a lot of the more experienced users like it - because it makes it a lot easier later on… Quite often (not always though?!) it turns Mouse/Cycle on.

There is a IncrementCycle setting for mouse(SystemGlobal), but its an acceleration based extension of Cycle i think?

and i do like it - its like is '88 again and i am playing asteroids! hahah :)