Mouse Wheel on Mouse Nodes beta30

Is it just me (or maybe the mouse I’m using?) did something happen to the mouse wheel on the mouse nodes?

Mouse global does not report anything for the wheel and mouse window seems to only increment after quite some turns.

Anyone else?

in beta 29.2
for me mouse wheel in mouse global node reports changes when renderer window is active. it was kind a window pin in the global node

in beta30
mouse wheel pin of mouse global node does not work for me at all

hm…for me it works exactly the same in b29.2 and b30:

  • mouse global: no mousewheel whatever
  • mouse windowed: mousewheel reports as expected when over render window

please provide a patch that demonstrates your issues.

Not really worried about global, can’t see using it anyway.

This mouse windowed patch behaves differently for me in b30 then to 29.2 and earlier.

In b30 I need to turn the wheel for a whole revolution or two before it increments.

In older betas it increments with each step of the wheel, which is what I would expect.

Just using a generic Microsoft mouse, will get a hold of some others to test if you are not seeing it on your end.

MouseWheel.v4p (1.5 kB)

what do you see in the tty when scrolling the control of this little test plugin? (2.8 kB)

00:09:42     : Button = None
Clicks = 0
X = 322
Y = 226
Delta = 112
Location = {X=322,Y=226}

thanks, that helps.

Thanks for the fix!

Turns out I don’t have a very good imagination.

Actually could really use the mouse wheel on global mouse now, will do an autohotkey workaround for the time being. If it’s easy and related to the recent fix on local mouse’s wheel that would be super handy though.