Mouse vs renderer speed

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to change(or influence) the state of simple objects with mouse. If mouse speed is low, then it works, they switch one-by-one. If I move mouse faster, then I have gaps. Probably it means that renderer speed is not enough to get continuous(???) values.
Is it possible to do something within my patch or the solution is somewhere else?

Thanks a lot for attention and possible help )

mouse.v4p (12.0 kB)

Yes, exactly what you say. Same reason we don’t advise to use the = (value) but a < (value). You might miss the =, but < and > will always be detected.

Not sure what you want to do, but mapping the scale of 1 quad might be easier?

mouse2.v4p (15.0 kB)

Thanks a lot! )))
It works perfektly! Just what I want!

But then it leads to some other questions:

  1. Why “=” is not equal to “<>”, it seems that logicaly they should be equal. Or not? Is it a “praktical” trick, when “similar” things work a bit different?
  2. If it is a “praktical” trick, where to find the “list” or description of such things? Otherwise they are invisible in a way.
  3. I didn’t get about “mapping the scale of 1 quad”, sorry… But I’m happy that it’s only lack of my knowlege.


  1. Good question :) Ehh… well… vvvv runs in a certain framerate, lets say 60, and so it will only check 60 times per second if your mouse is equal to a value. If you move your mouse fast, the equal you want might be between 2 frames, so you vvvv misses that value, and kind of ignores it.
    A > or < doesn’t have that problem, because well, if I move my mouse very fast, it is still bigger (or smaller) than the value I compare it with. 1 < 2 is true, but 1 < 1000000 is also true.

I didn’t use a < > to get between values, I just toggled it on if the value is < than something, and toggled it off it is smaller than, that is something else.

  1. Just trial and error, and like you did, ask. ;) The equal sign is very handy for some cases, but to catch a movement, you just might just miss something. Thinking in frames can be a bit tricky, you will get the hang of it!

3 Okay… sigh… here is a patch, but now you have 1 quad, so not sure if that is what you want…

mouse-2.v4p (12.6 kB)