Mouse Sticking on 2nd Monitor

I’ve been having my mouse behaving randomly, I’m patching in dual screen, and have swapped the heads in nvidia control panel so monitor 2 is my system monitor, ie task bar etc, and it is to the left of monitor1 where my renderer is.
If I use an io box in slider mode, my mouse pointer zipps across to the other monitor and I can’t get it back onto the other monitor, some times this continues after I’ve stopped trying to use the iobox, and I have to quit v4.
Just tested with nothing but an iobox in the patch.

similar problem…sometimes (especially when in the second monitor i use a renderer in fullscreen mode and then i toggle fullscreen off) my mouse is not able to reach more than 100 px inside the second monitor… you can see the mouse trying to go ahead but this misterious power get him back in the first monitor (and sometimes the force kick the mouse to the top right of my first monitor - while the second monitor and the pointer is pushing on the opposite side!!)…solution for me too is to close v4
weird things happening in the vvvvorld

running v4 beta24 in win7, nvidia 8800 gts video card

i assume both screens have different resolutions?

i remember that once i also had similar problems but i can’t remember what caused it…
a wild guess: are you running Inputdirector?

mmm i don’t know whay inputdirector is…by the way the main screen is 1920x1200 the smaller one, where i use the fullscreen renderer, is 1280x1024

I’ve sorted mine by swapping the outputs on the gfx cards, I think its an issue with dual screen and xp, with system monitor not being on the first output.

ya, i think this was also here the reason.