hi there

has anybody done a patch with more micetrackers that can individually track the movements and clickbehaviour of different mice on 1 pc.

i want to make a sort of dancemat with 6 buttons and need 2 mice for that, and they need to be indipendent.

been looking around allready and found some intresting stuff but it all seems a little too hightech for me so if someone has a simple solution…


everybody is keen on the upcoming HID-nodes.
@meanimal doesn’t do anything else than taking care about this atm.

for now you could take as many serial mouses as you have serial ports (RS232) on your pc. does anybody around here have a working patch to read out a serial mouse??

another approach is to make a script with glovepie which is able to read several mices at once and send the data over to vvvv.

i tried that once and it worked. i had some glitches probably because the osc transmission. could work now or just use midi.