Mouse kord.(x/y)--->rgb


i m trying to built my first projekt. i want to make a lightshow in a disco with joysticks. the problem is: when i read the mouse x position in it works. left yellow, right blue. it works for the y positions too. high green, low red. but i can`t connect them both in the renderer.

i have build some other button effects but the same problem. it works for every single rgb node but not together. i have 4 rgb patches and can only connect a single one to the render.

i have tryed some plus multi and “=” functions. but the colors don`t work right. is it because i want to do yellow red green blue in a rgb mode? can i add colors without influence them?

mhm. i ve tried the whole day.

thanks for reading
thanks a lot for solutions.


farbgrafik.jpg (53.7 kB)

Don’t know if i understood you right:

what about this?

for Nik.v4p (3.0 kB)

arg. it locks simple. i spend much more time in it. but i need black at the point 0/0. i didn`t work in hsl yet. but maybe i can handle it with your solution.

i show you my problem(if you r interested):

i know it could be more simple. but it was a try. and the middle button doesn ´t work in the way i want.

thanks. kalle.

color entweder x oder y.v4p (19.7 kB)

ok, i see,
you are starting.
have a look at Map (Value) , MapRange (Value) .
also see their modes especially the clamp-mode ;)

and then Max (Value) , Min (Value) :
like many other nodes they have a hidden pin which you only see in the inspector (CTRL+I) --> Input Count

or the easy way…

for Nik2.v4p (3.6 kB)

mhm. i wanted to do it by myself. mh. a lot of cofein, nikotin and brain damage was at this try. normaly i have nothing to do with programming. but its very interessting.

yes i m just at the begining.

maybe i try to understand your solution and rebuilt it. tomorow. pardyhardytime.

thanks again.

hi nick!

another solution is attached using a vvvvery seldom node. (inputmorph (color)).

the solution to your prb is not so straight forward as i assumed though. kalles patch gets near to what you wanted. but not exactly. because red green and yellow are nearer to each other as to blue…

i also played with + and - color nodes, but they only behave half as expected. however the main problem is that you want to gamble with four main colors instead of three.

ah whatever.
i hope you can do something with the patch…


and keep asking

c.v4p (15.8 kB)

a patch with comments

c first try.v4p (9.2 kB)

Ey Nickboe, sounds like a cool project to build, what DMX device are you using? I assume you have patched an interface, so here is a small example to use as a color-picker, be ware of large spreadcounts, slows down your patch.

@ gregsn, in c.v4p you used the wrong mouse, that is why it looks yellow ;) (than again, there was no renderer for the Mouse System Window)

c-3.v4p (22.7 kB)

thank you for all your support.

the inputmoprh seems to make sense. and i get it. i will try to use the usb slot on the light hardware. i will start to study again and don`t know when the projekt is finished.

but with a racingchair, sunglasses, and a lederjacket, two joysticks with bullets of all colors on a party would be much entertaining fun. thats the dream so far.

thanks (for comments)

maybe i will ask some questions later.

i’m curious:
What hardware are you using?