Mouse Increment Cycle Mode Pin Not Available

Hey Folks!

I have some troubles using the mouse (system global) node. I opened a patch with a mouse system global node in it and I cannot make use of the cycle mode pin. when I close vvvv and start a complete new patch I can use it… Weird stuvvvv I tell you.
I even started to patch everything from scratch and it won´t work. The cycle mode keeps unavailable. My next thoughts went to the second monitor i´m using but unplugging the screen doesn´t help either.
I already searched the forum but i can´t find a proper solution. Help is much appreciated.

thx in advance,

Problem solved.

After this error almost made me mad, is started to successively delete single nodes. And i found out which node causes this behavior.
The patch already contains a Mouse (System Global) Node. It is implemented in the Camera (Transform Softimage) Node i am working with. Therefore i wasn´t able to create another one… (smashing-hand-against-forehead)

anyhow - thanks for reading

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That is sooo anyoning!! It is called a singleton in vvvv terms.


In stead of crashing your patch, it should just say or do something clever… grrrrr…

mouse no singleton anylonger for beta>26