Mouse coordinates in Stride

Heya! I just noticed that the Stride Mouse returns values from 0 to 1 from the top left corner of the renderer, no matter what aspect ratio it is scaled to.

  1. Is it possible to get normalized values like in the Skia Renderer - without sending the client bounds from bottom to top and map the values, but somehow more convenient? Thinking of something similiar what WithinCommonSpace does…

  2. Don’t know if that is intended or a bug, but if I set the SceneWindow to fullscreen, the mouse coordinates are not within 0 and 1 anymore, but something to me completely random.

Thank you!

Hi. the second scenario you are desicribing, it making me trouble too. If you change the size of the stride renderer the koordinates stay the same acoorind to the desktio area, until you reset the software with F8 + F5. Than it goes back to 0 to 1.
Does anyone has a tip how to handle this?

the 1. issue is not yet worked on. but you can get the surface area from the mouse or touch device, you don’t need to pass it through the patch.

the 2. issue was just fixed, the latest preview includes the fix. @ravel please test once more and tell us whether it works now.

sorry, just noticed that Surface Size was missing from the Mouse node, it will be in upcoming previews.

fuck yeah. it works. Thanks for that bug fix!

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