Mouse coordinates in asymmetric dual screen modes

a little knobelaufgabe:
we have an asymmetric dualscreen setup
monitor 1 is 640x480, monitor 2 is 1200x1600.
we have two renderers, one on each screen.
we want to use the mouse only in on monitor 1.

the client complains that the mouse on screen 1 gets lost if the user moves the mouse to screen 2 (the program looks like crashed, as the mouse cursor does not move anymore (technically, it is of course on screen 2))

how to do that?

using Mouse (Global) will be unusable, as the movable area has edges at which the mouse stops - from vvvv you have no control about the position of these edges, as the exact translation between the screens is not known.

proposed solution: Mouse (Global) should get an input for the display id in whose coordinate systems it should return the data.

alternatively Mouse (Global) should just ignore the shape of the combined work area and use lower level windows apis to just increment the mouse ticks (scaled to the bounding box of all screens).

solution 2: the renderer should have some options to hinder the mouse from escaping (but this might be not the right place)

a little knobelaufgabe back:

maybe my module Follow (Value Animation).v4p helps?
you can find it here with a helpfile:

sorry, don’t have the time to explain what i think
but it should be possible to find a solution with that module.

(disabling follow when range exceeds the wanted screen range and enabling follow again when value goes back, somehow…???)

actually we had a second full screen renderer at the second screen. as soon as the mouse appeared there, we kicked it back to the first monitor with the Cursor node. ugly, but the client was happy enough not to complain.