Motorized zoom camera

hi all,
need some help to choose the right camera’s

regarding :


does the motorized zoom can be smoothly controlled via the videoin node with the supplied WDM driver and the hidden zoom pin ?

what’s the pro’s / cons regarding bayer or standard color versions
the debayering process may take some cpu… around 10% per cam
but with a better framerate or/and image quality?

btw: if i want to use more than one firewire cam
i need 2 different firewire physical pci express card, with different chipsets?

i knwon lot of ppl here recommend ids cam,
but is there known issues with imagingsource cameras/drivers:
in fact i need a zoom control over 2 cams and a 1 wide angle camera …
with standard 1024 resolution @25/30 fps
all this on one computer… so i think i’ve to mix firewire and GigE cam’s
(even if ethernet bandwidth specif should be able to handle 3 cam’s at a time)
any advice is welcome


and for long distance without powersupply
seems there’s a firewire 800 solution!
but does the Unibrain 1394b ubCore drivers is working well in vvvv?

with a 20 or 40 meter repeater

thanks in advance