Hello there,

a) has anyone got experience with the DMX-Steppermotor-Interface by dmx4all in conjunction with v4? In order to have absolute angle control (in opposition to direction and speed), plus having a smooth movement, what are good settings? We get only shaky motions out of it yet.

b) If a) works, is there something like a 16bit mode, where you got finer control on rotations without obvious stepping?

c) or is the dmx4all stepper just not the right choice and you got a product you would highly recommend? Any hints much appreciated!


I have no experience with it.

In the manual I see you can only get it to move, slow or fast, or stop. So there is NO 16BIT (fibe/coarse) on it.

So, well, the way I read it (an mind ou I don’t speak german) there is only relative movement.

Does it has to be DMX? There are usb controlled micro controllers that are really powerful. (arduino for example)

Yeah, the manual is rather cryptic, even if you speak german :)

It is not controlling 1 but ca. 40 motors, so we thought DMX is a good way to go. Not?

Thanks for your input,