Motion Tracking and Real Time Pixelate Effect

Hi all,
I want to visualize a similar effect to this video with motion tracking.

My camera will be capturing the street and the movements of people will be pixelated. The size of pixels will also change according to the data comes from distance sensor. beside this pixel effect some text and other vectors will be visible on the screen. It will be projected on a display outside.
Is it possible to be achieved?
Which tracking method would be proper for this aim?

Thanks in advanced,

Ahhh that video should come with a warning! I was busy turning up the sound when she screamed and scared the crap out of me.

If I understand correctly, what you are trying to achieve will be extremely hard to do “on the street” - if you want to track people and have information by them you will need to take this inside and illuminate them with IR light.

However, you could quite easily make it so that your distance sensor changes pixel size more generally in the projection. And then if you wanted to have “text and vectors” appear by people you could look at the Trautner plugin.

I don’t think thats tracking, I think there is a mosaic of time delayed squares, so static things look static, but moving things pixelate.

Yeah… mebbe I should have been more clear. The mosaic effect is definitely not tracking, but having information appear by the person would be tracking.

Probably this is a freeframe plugin.