Motion Blur Access Violation

Hi All,

I made a motion blur module on one computer which works fine. After transferring this module to our main machine to be included in a system for a show, it doesn’t work and I get an initial error message in the tty renderer saying ‘range check error’, then endless ‘access violation at address 0000000E’. This dosn’t stop until we delete the queue (EX9.Texture) node. If left long enough the message then changes to ‘out of memory’ (occasionally it will actually work for a few seconds before corrupting)

I’ve tested it sucessfully on two laptops, one Macbook Pro running Windows 7, and an Acer also running Windows 7. The main machine that gives errors is a desktop with a GTX 275, quad core / 8gb ram.

Attached is the culprit patch, and a text file with choice cuts from the renderer window.


MotionBlur Error Message.txt (6.5 kB)

Here’s the patch :)

MotionBlur.v4p (10.5 kB)

hi, i don’t know if it resolves the problem, for me seems to work. not really a solution, just a workaround ;)

motionblur.v4p (12.1 kB)