More than one inspector in case one is "attached"


first: i’m aware of the great new feature that ctrl+i brings the already opened Inspektor (VVVV) to the front instead of creating a new one. that leads to a massive reductions of open windows :)
but: sometimes it’s quite handy to have more than one inspector, especially for debugging. i regularely use the “attach the selection” feature which attaches the inspector to the selected node, then select another node and watch it with another inspector to compare whatsoever.

maybe it would be useful to allow creating a second, third etc inspector as soon as all open inspectors are set to “attach to selection”.

try ctrl+shift+I.

by the way, will there be an online version of the vvvv “don’t panic” leparello? or pdf only in the meantime?

aight, finally up: dont-panic-the-noobs-guide-to-vvvv

that shortcut is not in the keyboard overview in the cheatsheet by the way (but it’s mentioned under “main commands”)

a well worthwhile addition, me thinks!