More than 2 skeletons with ms sdk for kinect possible?

hey vvvvers!

i tried to use the ms sdk for kinect and the openNI drivers for the usage of the vvvv kinect nodes.

with the openNI drivers it is possible to recognize more than 2 skeletons, but i cannot adjust the angle of the device.

with the ms sdk i can adjust the angle but only 2 skeletons can be recognized.

i also tried to use the bridge to use both of them but this doesnt work.

do you have any ideas, how to solve this problem?

a single kinect can only track 2 people at the same time.

but with the openNI drivers i successfully tracked 4 persons…

with a single kinect unit? sorry, did not even know that was possible…

yes this works.
here is a screenshot with 3 tracked skeletons: