More important than a penis

hi guys,

well, i’ve got a big problem. I’m booked for an event in a huge club to visualize the evening :). the tech-professional of the club told me, that all the beamers in the club can only be controlled by vvvv. and now the big big question: is it possible just to project pictures, videos or even something like milkdropvisuals (something like the winampvisuals) on vvvv 3d surroundings/landscape?

(if there is anybody german who is in love with vvvv or just rules it, please contact me!)

my email-adress:

kind regards


cocoon?.. no text …

i’m sorry but that’s slightly amusing :)

not just slightly…

my favourite thread


You all E-mailed him??

(I just lovvvve it, I don’t rule it (yet) )

which club might that be, if not the cocoon?

at least the club has a tech professional. visualvisualvisualvisual