More flexible audio routing

Hi Devvvvs

I have on a couple of occasions wanted to play separate videos on separate screens and wanted to place the sound of each video on different outputs.

Every time I have tried to do that I have struggled getting the routing right, it has always ended up in installing several audio interfaces, just to be able to play 3 mono tracks out 3 different outputs.

I know that vvvv is not intended to be a geeky audio engine like pure data or max/msp, but being able to route the audio to the desired output would be really cool and something I can’t imagine being the only one wanting to do from time to time.

I know it is possible if making multichannel audio tracks in the video file, but it would be so much easier if there was an audio routing option like in waveplayer.

Am I the only one having these problems or am I missing something completely obvious?


my only thought is that you can buy a 6/6 channels audio card for about 100 euros and you have 3 separate stereo channels to work with, isn t that enough?


True, it is simple and quite cheap to add more audio IO, but I really like the flexibility of waveplayer and in my experience, just playing two mono sounds, one in left and one in right is not at all easy and it does not behave consistently.
And “wasting” two stereo outputs on playing two mono sounds feel wrong.
I have now been frustrated with this on so far 4 different systems.

I know that panning should work if I use Direct sound drivers and not WaveOut devices but I always end up just having either left or right working or just one set of sound playing. often I can see that the sound is playing but no sound comes out.

Perhaps I am just unlucky :(

Further more, the fact that lots of relatively inexpensive machines have built in 7.1 or 5.1 audio interfaces thus giving 6 to 8 channels without adding more USB units is really nice but it is only possible to address these outputs individually using either waveplayer or adding multichannel audio to the video.

this is what I ve used in Linux and PD, but there is a Windows version as well, I never tried my self though.


(and yes you are basically right about the un-flexibility of routing audio in Windows/vvvv)

Yes one of the beautiful things of vvvv is that it is possible to do almost everything in vvvv and having to install 3rd party software “just” to route audio feels a bit clumsy.

the AudioOut has a pan. you can use two AudioOuts and set one to left and one to right. thats how i did it several times…

@ tonfilm I tried using pan, but I end up just having audio in one side. meaning pan works, but I only get audio in one side, really frustrating.

perhaps it is just me being unfortunate?