MonoFlop missing bangs when banged too close too its period


Just spotted this weird behaviour: I noticed my MonoFlops were properly flopping only one time out of two (almost in a toggle fashion) while I was randomly banging them at close-to-their-period intervals.

Attached is a little patch to demonstrate.
Problem was tested and shows on both 2021.4.3 and 2021.4.6 that I’m currently using.

Hpoe this helps!

Debug-MonoFlop_20220206.vl (13.1 KB)

Suppose it has to do with the FrameDelay inside MonoFlop and the time difference between LFO and MonoFlop being approximately the length of one frame (@60 FPS).

Debug-MonoFlop_20220206_b.vl (20.1 KB)

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Hey Bjoern,

(Sorry I had missed your reply!)

Indeed the Mainloop adjustement fixes the behaviour, but it’s not something I’d touch in my current patch (I’d rather have everything computed at the minimum fps I need).

Do you consider this a bug, or something we can’t do anything about?
(the goal being keeping MonoFlop working as expected even at periods close to the MainLoop framerate)

Otherwise it means I’d have to use a high MainLoop indeed, and then use LFO’s and Cache regions everywhere to save the computation :(

I’d say so. One of the devvvvs should have a look at it, @gregsn maybe?

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