Monitor array

some installation came into my mind
where i thought about using a monitor grid.

some hints what technology to use?
is it possible to control some old fucked up TVs from the flewmarket?

no possibility to control over antenna input i think.

or better to buy new ones wich of same technology.
i think it would be nice to have different screensizes.

any hardware and strategic suggestions welcome.

check dumpsters for electronic stuff (e.g. at university) for old CRT monitors? here they throw them out by the dozens, most of them still work…

hey bilderbuchi,
yes. there is definetly no problem to get some screens.

you would suggest to take VGA-Output?
Do i then need a big monitorswitch and grafikcards multiple PCI Slot to put the things together?

The idea was to use old TVs.
Is it possible to control old TVs which only have antenna-cabel?

well i think it depends on
a) if you need the additional resolution pc monitors would offer
b) if you can deliver output to them
@ b): depending on how many screens you need and if you need all of them to show different content, your best bet would either be multiple graphics cards (attention issues with video over dualscreen) or a matrox dual/triplehead2go or a combination.

as you would normally render out to a vga socket it would be easier to connect monitors, if you’d connect tv’s you’d need a downscaler for every tv to get a composite/cinch signal.
simple signal splitters are available for both vga and composite relatively cheap. matrix switchers (oder “kreuzschiene”) in vga get quite expensive.
if you can get video in via an antenna i don’t know, but heavily doubt it, you’d need a video socket (normally yellow cinch or the big SCART). if you can connect a VCR, you’re good…