Modules don't appear in node browser

happened to a workshop participant, windows 7 home premium on a macbook via bootcamp, vvvv not in program folder but on desktop, started as administrator:

modules don’t appear in node browser at all, can be drag and dropped from the folder though. but: after a while they turn red and unusable (empty). unfortunately we couldn’t reproduce the moment when they turn red.

sadly, not only on a mac. Me and my friend with 2 pcs with win7 x64 have the same problem. The weird thing is that it was working on mine when I got it during the workshop. Then first time I rebooted it stopped working.

Anyone that has found why?



i talked to phlegma and he mentioned that it could/should be a problem of some wrong registry entries in windows. maybe because of a moved vvvv folder or some strange user rights.
can you try the following and report?

  • use uninstall.exe in vvvv folder and de-register everything.
  • delete vvvv folder and empty trash
  • re-download vvvv
  • unzip on desktop and run from there

unfortunately i can’t test it on my own, since it was a problem from a workshop participant, so remote reports would be awesome :)

Usually happens when you owrite addonpack from another version.
Also had that on coupple of W7 home editions, but 23 worked for me.