Module web stream

is it possible to stream what i see on my gdi renderer to the web?
if so, can anyone direct me to some info about that?
ive seen the html renderer but im not quite sure if that can actually be
done and what kind of server i need for that.

there is no good way to do such things yet. What you are talking abaut is a streaming server, which would streams out the image you locally see. That was a topic here at meso. björn was actually pretty hoggish to implement such a thing to vvvv… other developers opinions?

that would surely be sweet ; )

mh what about a vvvv plugin for the browser? just with a turned off gui an the renderer as an embedded window. just a thought.

was also mentioned here. Keep requesting features for web support. this is the only way to get thing working…

reminds me of two (no, three) more features for the wishlist, just to reiterate the idea…

  • finishing off the once-started VNC node (development of which stalled a few years ago) and add a VNC server node as well…
  • adding general support for ActiveX objects (however that may be done) (eg there’s also an activeX control version of VNC
  • and encapsulating the whole of vvvv as an activeX object itself, which would yield the often-anticipated browser plugin. However, what good is a browser plug-in if it’s not cross-platform? just asking.

but maybe savonge was just looking for a streaming screen recorder? I guess makes one.

and i moved this topic to “patching questions”, as it’s not related to any modules.