Modular Synthesizer / CV to vvvv and back

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i’m quite sure that’s already done a lot of times:

Whats the best practice to get CV from my Synth to vvvv and back? Is good’ol Midi the only option? Are there any module recommendations?

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one option is to use a DC-coupled audio interface to get the info into vvvv and back. this one even has the right voltages: it uses ADAT, so any ADAT equipped audio interface can do it. with some stepping down you can also use most of the MOTU interfaces.

EDIT: I just noticed that the Expert-sleepers interface has USB, so no need for adat

ooh one of my friends have that 8 channels in/out through optical, it’s amazing. however you need to fiddle with hardware-software clock speeds because otherwise you might get crackles

Thanks, that was the hint I was looking for!
Muchas gracias!

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