Modifying vertex

How can I simply draw a quad and then modify a vertex instead of modify the X,Y,Z of all the vertex at the same time. The point is to get a deformed quad like the one in the image attached.


def_quad.jpg (4.7 kB)

Hello flacoloco , i think you are looking for ArbitraryPoint (Transform) , have a look at ArbitraryPoint_Tutorial

nice nickname btw ;D

the new way of doing this is with the Homography (Transform 2d) node whih is included in the newest releases. This will allow you to move all four corners of an object individually in 2d. Its a great way for screenshaping projectors.

I have tried both the ArbitraryPoint(Transform) and the Homography(Transform 2d) and they work great!!

Now is time to try and repeat to choose wich option is better for my task (to project on a 3d surface).

Thanks folks!!