Modify Range depth of kinect2?

Hi all !
I try to filter rgb depth image of my kinect2…
for instance I would like to show rgb pixel between 1m to 3 meters from my kinect2…

I’m searching for tool wich will do it,
do you have any clue about it ?

Apparently Filters_DepthFilter.tx from kinect tools would do it, but it’s not included in the zip file…
thanks in advance !

Use a the World texture as a Control texture, in your shader, set the output pixel as white when withing the range, black when out outside of it.

Here’s what I’ve done to filter depth in past projects. I haven’t actually done this in a while and don’t have a K2 connected at the moment so can’t remember which settings are most significant.

Kinect2DepthSet.v4p (13.6 KB)

hey !
thanks tobyk, exactly what I need.

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